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Mining Time

In the Mojave Desert of California with the arid climate, debris and detritus from the past does not quickly decay. The high desert hangs on to relics from the past. While bleached from the unrelenting sun and dusty from the persistent winds, parts, or all, of these old towns endure. As the old gives way to the new, some towns fade into memory while others reinvent themselves. I am interested in the evolution, decay, endurance, and the resilience but also the sense of nostalgia fostered and encouraged as these towns embrace a new future.

The photos look through the dusty lens of time to reflect what is left. Many of the towns of the Mojave Desert sprang up around the mining industry in the late 1800s, and most were already abandoned or fading out around the start of the WWI. Other towns grew up around the famous Route 66 but were bypassed by the newer interstates. Finally, places like, Pioneertown, were created to look old and serve as backdrops for the movie industry.

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